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There are unlimited opportunities to get involved with An Phuc International and we are specifically looking for someone to spearhead outreach.  We are a volunteer based organization, and any money raised will go to the directly victims. If you are interested in interning or contributing time to help the cause please let us know! We are excited to provide anyone with an opportunity to donate their time and energy towards helping others who are struggling.


Do you work with or represent a corporation looking to donate to a unique and just cause?

Find out how your organization can sponsor An Phuc International and help us to make a difference in the lives of countless Agent Orange victims living in Vietnam.

The possibilities are endless, just reach out and let us know you want to help.

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You can help us spread awareness of Agent Orange!! if you have access to any events or promotions, or major festivals where we could have a booth, please contact us and let us know how we can get involved. The An Phuc International team has traveled across the globe to give presentations on Agent Orange victims. We are happy to take part in just about any opportunity we can find that will allow us to tell the victims’ stories.

About An Phuc International

The goal of An Phuc International is to improve the lives of Agent Orange victims throughout Southeast Asia and spread awareness of their plight. To this day thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian families struggle with physical deformities as a result of Agent Orange contamination and new cases occur everyday. In the 1960’s the United States effectively employed chemical warfare when it dumped millions of gallons of Agent Orange all over Southern Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. As a result, 40 years later in 2020, infants are still born sick or physically deformed and left abandoned at hospitals by their parents. Most victims are left unable to work, but some have been able to push forward despite their limitations. Many of these victims receive no aid from their governments and only provide assistance to citizens with parents who served in the war. Unfortunately the vast majority of those contaminated are children of regular citizens, An Phuc International offers them some of the only assistance they can get.

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Please reach out to us about volunteer opportunities, sponsor programs, creating a foundation, or anything else regarding our organization.

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