The Team



Founder and Executive Director

Dean Rosenwald is the CEO founder of An Phuc International. Dean holds an MBA and MS in International Business from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Psychology. A serial entrepreneur, Dean uses his education, experience, and network to help An Phuc International rectify one of the greatest injustices in modern history.



Chief Financial Officer

Christine Glacken is another member of the founding team of An Phuc International. She has been the CFO from the beginnning and continues to provide vital assistance to ensure that An Phuc stays compliant with all national regulations. Christine believes international efforts of education, compassion, and generosity can change the lives of our brothers and sisters in Vietnam who live with the effects of Agent Orange in the 21st century.




Grace Canning helped to found An Phuc International as the secretary of the organization at just 18 years old. Now a senior at Univeristy of California, Berkeley, Grace has been passionate about working for small nonprofits on a global scale since she was a teenager. Upon meeting Dean and learning about his vision for An Phuc International, she has been committed to furthering the success of this organization and connecting directly with Agent Orange victims.



Chief Technology Officer

Jai Kumar is the CEO of New York based tech firm Byte Co. He is a fullstack developer, a home gardener, and a constant learner. Obsessed with food and sustainability, Jai believes design driven systems can alter behavior and create positive change. At An Phuc International, Jai helps the team through any technical issues, helping to fulfil the mission of rectifying the injustices committed against Agent Orange victims since the 1960s.



Chief Marketing Officer

After graduating from the United States Military Academy, Chris served seven years as an officer in the US Army. While in the Army, Chris had the opportunity to visit South East Asia and witness the devastating impact that Agent Orange has had, and continues to have, on the lives of so many in this region. Since leaving the Army in 2019, Chris has volunteered his free time advocating on behalf of all victims of war atrocities. Chris joined An Phuc International in June of 2020 and serves as the CMO.



Outreach Director

Alex Lincoln is a recent UCLA mathmatics graduate living in Santa Monica, CA with a passion for helping the Agent Orange victims in Southeast Asia. Alex works closely with any new volunteers or interns specifically implementing the three tiers of outreach. Outside of her philanthropic work with An Phuc International, Alex enjoys swimming, hiking, skiing, and the beach.



Creative Director

Prateek Jain is Creative Director of An Phuc International. He is also CEO of a IT company The Sharks Media. His company has designed the website and has taken on all web maintenance responsibilities from January 2022. He has done Engineering in Information Technology, and currently running a IT company serving globally.

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Director of Operations

Wall is An Phuc International’s Vienamese liaison. He handles all communication with victims and companies/sponsors in Vietnam. Wall is an entrepreneur who has worked in travel agencies, tourism, and in construction in Hanoi. His selfless commitment to An Phuc has allowed us to reach dozens of families and help them financially.


Thư Pháp Minh Thắng

Brand Ambassador

Thư Pháp Minh Thắng (Thắng) is an Agent Orange victim who was born without the use of his legs. He and Dean met in Saigon in 2017 when he was working as the manager of An Phuc House. He has since left that job to work at An Phuc International, helping us locate and distribute funds to other victims.Thắng is now married and 3 years ago him and his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. An immensely talented artist and calligraphist, Thắng earns money for his family by selling his art, which will soon be available on the ‘store’ page of our website.